Press Releases 2017

One day after the close of Pulire 2017, one of largest professional cleaning industry trade shows, the estimated data is in, and the early numbers demonstrate the success of the 23rd edition organized by Afidamp.
“Pulire 2017 was exactly what we hoped for: the best event so far,” remarked Toni D’Andrea, the Managing Director of Afidamp Servizi. He made the remark after analysing the final numbers of the event which confirmed the global success and importance of this key international trade show. A total 16,144 visitors, 30% international (including 71% from Europe, 20% from Asia, 5% from North and South America, 3% from Africa, and 1% Oceania) and 70% Italians (of which 72% from Northern Italy, 14% from Central and 14% Southern Italy and islands). Going on to analyse the relative percentages regarding Italian visitors from Southern Italy, certainly noteworthy was attendance from Sicily, which accounted for 27% of the total, with only Campania higher at 28%. This was a first. The figure was surprising but probably to be expected: Fiera Pulire Mediterraneo, held in Catania last November, was an opportunity for self-promotion for Afidamp and as a result, also Pulire 2017 in Verona.

Pulire 2017 ended on an extremely positive note, with overall growth in terms of visitors of +6.6% (increasing from 15,136 to 16,144); an increase in foreign visitors, which exceeded all expectations, with growth of 20.5% (going from 4,034 to 4,863), with the overall number of international visitors at 30.2%.
“Pulire 2017 was exactly what we wanted it to be—the most wonderful edition,” says Toni D’Andrea, CEO of Afidamp Servizi. “One needed only to walk among the stands of the 300 exhibitors to pick up on a feeling of great satisfaction and optimism, which is the greatest reward for the hard work that the entire Afidamp staff has carried out so enthusiastically.”

"Pulire Outdoor" confirms the most appreciated appointment by city cleaners and all those who are concerned with quality of life. It is included in Pulire, the international trade fair for professional cleaning technology, that will be held in Verona, from 23 to 25 May 2017. The focus is on sweeping the streets and cleaning urban spaces. These are the problem which are reflected more and more in the daily lives of citizens. Emerging phenomena, such as dirt and lack of ramps and major events in historic centers, areas at risk of degradation and other costume phenomena are a major challenge for public administrations and industry operators and technicians.


Pulire is turning 30, and this is a very important milestone that has generated a great deal of pride and excitement. The trade fair has grown a lot in the last few years because, with each new edition, it aims to offer exhibitors and visitors exciting new innovations useful for their businesses and personal edification. In fact, Pulire has objectives that go beyond the mere commercial. It has more ambitious aims of promoting quality entrepreneurship and a culture of excellence, in terms of opening up to the future and innovation and with a focus on environmental and social issues. What’s more, there are very important events planned that will attract key players from the worlds of finance and politics — in Italy and abroad — to Verona. Finally, we’d like to emphasize that this edition will very much be focused on the end user, specifically in the general public and HORECA areas. For end users, the cleanliness factor of a place is a determining factor when evaluating it. This is why many people will come to Pulire looking for innovative solutions.   


The Innovation Award 2017 was officially opened, addressed exclusively to the exhibitors at the PULIRE exhibition, which aims to enhance the research and innovation activity carried out by companies in the professional cleaning and environmental hygiene market . On the website, at the event section- Innovation Award, you can download the competition notice and the application form. AfidampFAB (national trade association that represents the Italian manufacturers of machinery, equipment and chemical products for the professional cleaning) commits to awarding the concept of innovation applied to processes, products, services, and, general speaking, to those solutions that bring about improvements and are beneficial to the development of entrepreneurship.